Time Trials 2014

Re: Time Trials 2014

Postby PeterB » Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:33 pm

Hello Tom,
I have your time for that week. All safe and sound!
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Re: Time Trials 2014

Postby Helly » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:17 pm

Week 6 Time Trials results

Some fantastic times tonight by everone, a lot of pb's set despite reservations about the wind. Niamh and Ciara were delighted to break the 30mins mark. Caroline was just outside it vowing to tie her hair back next week and shave the legs :D
Paul Ogle smashed records with a new fastest time overall of 22.27. The kids are obviously keeping him fit in his spare time..

Niamh Cooke 28.45
Ciara McSweeney 29.47
Caroline Russell 30.05
Helen Doody 30.23
Liz Nolan 33.19
Evelyn Gillen 42.09

Paul Ogle 22.27
Eoin Lyons 23.03
David Quigley 23.04
John McDonald 23.30
Paul Wyse 23.53
Mark Power 24.51
John Wyse 25.44
Cathal Daly 26.09
Greg Holden 26.31 (after doing IM Nice..)
Mark Daly 26.44
Darrel Evans 27.24
Nigel O'Sullivan 27.45
Ger Nolan 27.57
Mark Williamson 34.10

Thanks to Marshals: Tom Casey, Jim O'Brien (Sn), Jim O'Brien (Jn), Ronan O'Brien, Myself.
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Re: Time Trials 2014

Postby PeterB » Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:53 am

Week 7... Apologies for the delay. The Great Irish Bake Off is over and the Tour is in full flow....That's my excuse anyway....

A tough night for TT'ing but times were still good!

Niamh Cooke 30.30
Ciara McSweeney 30.37
Caroline Russell 31.02
Bernie Power 34.14

Paul Ogle 23.55
Eoin Lyons 24.10
Jim O'Brien (Jnr) 24.55
Vincent Power 25.46
Philip O'Leary 25.55
Jim O'Brien (Snr) 26.25
Mark Daly 26.57
john wyse 27.10
Cathal Daly 27.44
JP Williamson 28.20
Thomas Brown 28.20
Neil Griffin 29.32
Ger Nolan 30.20

League tables to follow in next post....

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Re: Time Trials 2014

Postby PeterB » Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:13 am

League Tables after week 7. Remember it's your best 6 scores that count (you may race the full 8 Quigs, but only 6 will be used!)

In the womens, we have a winner; The colourful Niamh Cooke has an unassailable lead at this point so well done Niamh. The s/h retro tri top is on its way to you in the post(I think Shane wore it in the late 80's when he was in his early 30's).

Week 8 will have Elaine and Ciara fighting it out to finalise the podium spots.

Niamh Cooke 54
Ciara McSweeney 36
Elaine Mullan 28
Siobhan Kennedy 20
Ann Hennebry 15
Elena Doody Gorbatyuk 14
Caroline Russell 12
Liz Nolan 11
Bernie Power 9
Maria Cosgrave 4
Helen Whyte 3
Evelyn Gillen 3
Kate Nolan 2
Olive O'Brien 1

In the men's the Terminator from Tramore takes the honours. A complete tour de force from Paul Ogle. A cagey "marshaling" start to the 8 weeks (recon the competition would be an accurate description) and then dominance thereafter. Well done Paul. 1st Prize for the Mens are 2 Jammers from Slatts early career, one black, one amber. They may not fit you but they will probably fit the twins. I'll post them on.

David Quigley and Eoin Lyons have yet to complete the final podium positions. It will take a mathematical genius like Gavin to work out the different permutations on this so the easiest thing to do, as Gavin is on holidays, is for the lads to race, then we'll slot the results into Excel and see what happens.

Paul Ogle 52
David Quigley 40
Eoin Lyons 40
Philip O'Leary 12
Martin Kirwan 11
Jim O'Brien (Jnr)11
mark power 10
Vincent Power 9
Gavin Quinlan 7
Jim O'Brien (snr) 6
Brian Slattery 5
David Connolly 5
Tom Casey 2
Peter Barry 1
Shane Scadding 1
Davin Power 1
Brian Jacob 1
Noel Hayes 1
David McConnell 1
Mark Daly 1
Thomas brown 1
john Wyse 1
Ronan O Brien 1

Tuesday 22nd is the last night. If time and weather permits, we may have a surprise for you all on the night. (not a goody bag, Gavin).

There are still prizes up for grabs (best new member, most improved, etc) so come along and see what you can do.

Thanks to Martin, Dots and Maria for marshaling on Tuesday last.

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Re: Time Trials 2014

Postby Quigley » Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:05 pm

I'm retired from the bike the past few weeks Peter, one or two cameo appearances aside. Someone showed me how long a marathon actually is on a map - I think I might have been getting Kilometres and Miles mixed up when I agreed to do it, so I've been trying to learn how to run. Man running sucks even worse than cycling. I don't know how you lot do it.

If you need a marshall for Tuesday I can try get my run in a little earlier and spin out to ye. Only fair that I take a turn.

And in the meantime, the purpose of the league was to try get my UCI legal Sworks up to at least the same performance level of my UCI illegal- but fine for Tri - Cervelo. I wasn't able to do that, the geometry doesn't suit me as well, so the Sworks might be up for sale in the coming weeks if anyone is interested (considering how many times my old PlanetX has been passed around in the club, I reckon it will fit half of ye). Interested parties can feel free to send me a copy of a recent bank statement.
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Re: Time Trials 2014

Postby Slatts » Sat Jul 19, 2014 4:15 pm

hhhmmmm for sale you say, interesting. Seeing that our wives share an office any published price would have to be heavily coordinated. Una thinks my road bike cost a couple of hundred quid and I won the TT bike as a spot prize at a table quiz in aid of sick children
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Re: Time Trials 2014

Postby PeterB » Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:48 am

Sorry David, you lost me after "cameo".... "Bank statement" nearly got me back on track but then Slatts started rabbitting on..... Seeing "UCI illegal" (or anything UCI related) in a thread makes me sweat. I've told them that they're Sharon's, over and over but they won't listen.

I'll take you up on your marshal offer. We're probably doing something different on Tuesday but either way, same time, same place, same bat channel...

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Re: Time Trials 2014

Postby Quigley » Sun Jul 20, 2014 3:29 pm

Ok Peter, I'll be there to Marshall.

Slatts, at one point I had 6 Cervelo bikes simultaneously. My logic was that she wouldn't notice the extra bikes if they were all the same brand and all black. She's a bit more savvy these days however... able to quote Di2 groupset prices at me off the top of her head (I think that was a warning).
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Re: Time Trials 2014

Postby PeterB » Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:12 pm

Gud'n afternoon,

And so it ends.... On Tuesday last, week 8 of the 2014 WTC Time Trial Series took place. And we shook it up a little. As the winners of the women's and men's leagues had been confirmed prior to the night, we changed the format from a 16km straight TT to a 1km Hill Climb and a 4km flat out TT in the Tramore Road.
The 1km TT started at the Six Cross Roads roundabout and headed straight up the hill to the next roundabout. The club welcomed Damien Vereker accompanied by the great Martin Kirwan on the tandem bike and they duly blitzed the field in both short races, winning by 12 seconds overall. Well done lads.
In the ladies race, Niamh Cooke held off Ciara McSweeney by 3 seconds on the hill and 5 seconds over the 4km tt. This was excellent racing by both ladies and both richly deserved the valuable prizes presented to them afterwards. Liz Nolan raced well also and has made great progress over the 7 weeks (since week 2) improving her tt time by 1.14 over the period.
In the men's race, it was a savage battle between the fastest men over the 8 weeks. Paul Ogle held a slim 2 second lead after the hill climb but Eoin Lyons burst through his limit to take the 4km by 5 seconds, and therefore winning the night by a margin of 3 seconds. Well done Eoin. This guaranteed Eoin 2nd place in the series overall after Paul and ahead of David Quigley.
Third on the night went to David Connolly who powered his way to a 3rd place finish despite being behind the youthful but strong Cathal Daly and Mark Daly (no relation, and "youthful" was for Cathal!) after the hill climb but Dots lit it up over the 4km tt to take the podium spot.
The "Jim O'Brien challenge" went to the Junior model. Ahead by 1 second after the hill climb, Jim Jnr increased his lead by a further 3 seconds after the 4km tt.

Full times for each Week 8 event and the totals are below;

Name / Hill / 4km / Total / Rank
Liz Nolan 2.41 13:55 10.39 3
Ciara McSweeney 2.18 6.43 9.01 2
Niamh Cooke 2.15 6.38 8.53 1

Name / Hill / 4km / Total / Rank
Mark Williamson 2.17 6.5 9.07 13
Cathal Daly 1.50 5.46 7.36 6
Ronan O Brien 2.12 6.36 8.48 12
Thomas Brown 2.03 6.06 8.09 11
Greg Holden 2.00 5.5 7.50 9
Mark Daly 1.48 5.49 7.37 7
Philip O'Leary 2.08 5.58 8.06 10
Brian Jacob 2.02 5.44 7.46 8
David Connolly 1.50 5.24 7.14 3
Jim O'Brien (Jnr) 1.54 5.31 7.25 4
Jim O'Brien (not junior) 1.55 5.34 7.29 5
Eoin Lyons 1.42 5.08 6.50 1
Paul Ogle 1.40 5.13 6.53 2

Thanks to David for marshaling.

At the elaborate prize giving ceremony afterwards in the sumptuous surroundings of the Tramore Road where athletes were served substantial amounts of nutritious food and drink, chairman Brian, Secretary Helen & Race Director Emmet presented the individual awards to the many grateful recipients. Full listing below;

Overall Series Winner; Niamh Cooke.
2nd; Ciara McSweeney
3rd; Elaine Mullan

Fastest Time; Elaine Mullan (27.25)
Biggest Potential Improvement; Evelyn Gillen
Best New Member; Niamh Cooke
Biggest Improvement over the Series; Evelyn Gillen
Weekly winners; Siobhan Kennedy / Niamh Cooke / Elaine Mullan

Overall Series Winner; Paul Ogle
2nd; Eoin Lyons
3rd; David Quigley

Fastest Time; Paul Ogle (22.27)
Biggest Potential Improvement (aka slowest time); Ronan O'Brien
Best New Member; David Quigley
Biggest Improvement over the Series; Eoin Lyons
Weekly winners; Paul Ogle / David Quigley / Martin Kirwan / Eoin Lyons

Tandem Winners; Damien Vereker & Martin Kirwan.

We hope you enjoyed the 8 weeks, hopefully we'll do something similar in 2015. Best of luck to everyone racing for the rest of the Summer.

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