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Postby tomkc » Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:29 am

week 3 of Time Trial, Bit of a mix up tonight. I arrived at 6.50 and everyone had gone already ( well most of them). The plan is to meet at about 6.45 to sign on and allocate starting places and then start at 7. But no harm done. Again as always perfect conditions and new fastest time(well don Mike. Also alot of people improving on their times as well. Results as follows, except for Jim Baldwin whose time I have forgotten and I dont have a number for him , will sort later, will give a good guess.

Mike Bowes 34.05
Jim Baldwin 35.55 I Think
Mark Daly 35.59
Colin Wemyss 36.58
Richie ??? 37.10
Drea Coady 39.45
Dave Mc Connell 40.10
Jacinta Power 41.23
Ger Nolan 42.33
Annette O Mahoney 50.04
Tom Casey DNF

Plan to do the same again this week and the following week (17th) give an option to do 2 laps starting at 6.30 which would be about 42 K close to Olympic distance Tri.
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Re: Time Trial

Postby tomkc » Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:26 pm

Time Trial 10th July
Great weather as always.

Bernard Keane 34.49 (Dark Horse)
Mark Daly 36.04
David Grace 36.20
Tom Casey 37.16
David Mc Connell 39.33
Jacinta Power 41.30
Ger Nolan 41.30
Annette O Mahoney 47.55 (Plus putting the chain back on again, again)

Next week same time 6.45 for the 21.5km but we are also running a 43 km one starting at 6.30 so if anyone wants to do this be there for 6.20. We will do 2 laps of the Orchardstown route. Ger can you put this on facebook, you IT genius. Anyone want to do times for us please. 4 weeks no takers yet!!
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Re: Time Trial

Postby jackdiddly » Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:33 am

12 turned out this week, 10 for the 13.3 mile loop and 2 for waterford marathon distance 26.6 miles.
Big thanks to Tina who came out to marshel/time keep.

Jim Baldwin 35:33
Junior 37:10
Paul Mac 37:38
Brian O Rourke 38:24
Louis O Carroll 38:27 ?? (this may not be correct, sorry Louis)
Ronan O Brien 39:02
Ger Nolan 39:32
Jacinta Power 40:50
Brian Gallagher 41:11
Annette O Mahony 47:02

Tom Casey (2 loops) 1:15:50
Dave Mc Connell (2 loops) 1:20:05
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Re: Time Trial

Postby tomkc » Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:01 am

Results for TT 24th July. A blustery night tonight but as always no rain. Few newcomers tonight and a new best time for this year. Well done Paul.

Paul Ogle 33.27
Jim Baldwin 35.05
Tom Casey 36.01
Junior Keohan 36.10
Kevin Coleman 36.15
Gavin Quinlan 37.54
Brian Murphy 38.06
Jacinta Power 40.01
Ger Nolan 41.36
Ronan O Brien 42.10

Next week just the 21k again TopOil/Whitfield 6.45. 7pm Start. Anyone fancy doing times are welcome.No one has come forward yet except one wife who got fed up being asked and gave in.
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