The friendly half, training day Take 2

The friendly half, training day Take 2

Postby emmk » Wed Jul 02, 2014 11:34 am

The 2nd Friendly Half.
July 12th if it suits you. kick off about 08:00
A 1.9km swim or how ever far you want to swim hopefully in the sea calm and with the tide.
Cycle 90km- 100km a loop that people can opt to make smaller. Thoughts on Tramore , Killmeaden, Fiddown bridge main road to, Carrick, Lemybrian and back to Tramore via N25.
Followed by a stunning 21km run in and out the Waterford road. Or as short as you like.
This is a training day where if you want to have a go of any of the distances or part you can. The swim is a sea swim unless weather is really bad, could still happen. T1 and T2 will hopefully set up and exist in safe location. Bike drafting is allowed if agreed with the person you are drafting. Bring your own food and drink a few shops on route.
Run straight forward hide your own goodie bag on the Waterford Road.
Swim To be confirmed.
Download the mapmyride app if you think you may get lost.
Who is in and what do you think?
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Re: The friendly half, training day Take 2

Postby tomkc » Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:49 am

Sounds good to me. By the way I am back in training(sort of ) this week but not back running until next week (different problem) anyway I am still planning to do the shadowman and still going up in the van on the Saturday and coming back on the Sunday. At last count I think I had about 7 people in the van but might cut down on that. Anyway have not entered yet was hanging on until I got back running to make sure I am ok. So will enter end of next week all going well. Hope it is still open. Does anyone have a phone number for the shadowman. cant see one on the web and wanted to find out whats the latest I can enter. Back to Emmet, would be interested in that but will probably do a shorter run. For the Van I can take 2 bikes on the outside and put the otherones on the top bunk. Can seat 6 including driver with seat belts. Can sleep 3/4 comfortably and 6 very comfortably once we can lock up the bikes somwhere. There is also a possibility of someone else gong up with a van but not sure yet. I think Pio , David, Mark and Paul were the first tosay they were going, but we can sort out later, people might have made ohter arrangements.
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Re: The friendly half, training day Take 2

Postby Pio » Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:42 am

You're some machine Tom if you're back in action already and that must be some size of a camper you have if all that's going to fit in it, at least we'll be nice and cosy :lol:
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