The friendly half, training day

The friendly half, training day

Postby emmk » Wed May 28, 2014 8:57 am

I think its time to talk about the friendly Half. June and may be July
Swim in the pool or sea Swim for 1900 -2km or get out when the faster swimmers get out.

Cycle a chosen course you can draft a stronger cyclist if you can stick.

Run an out and back loop as far as you like hope 21km.
Stash your own food and gels.
This training day is to ease in to long distance racing and suitable for anyone who thinks they can do it or part of it.

I am thinking 7th June or the 22nd day after our own race. July there is one weekend I am away but I havent been told that yet any one in?
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Re: The friendly half, training day

Postby David » Wed May 28, 2014 8:46 pm

As long as its friendly! I'm at a wedding the 7th of June but if the 22nd or sometime in July looks likely I would like to have a go. I'm building towards the lost sheep in August so it would be a great way to see how far off I am.

David Mc.
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Re: The friendly half, training day

Postby emmk » Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:17 pm

The Friendly Half.
Work up early gates still on the pillars outside. Breakfast then packed up all my gear drove a few kms in to town dropped off run provisions quickly back to the house thought I forgot my heart rate monitor. Splashword at 8 and waited to see who showed. Six in total Shane, Paul O, Mike B, Mark D, Jim B and I. Rocked out 1900m took about 30 min so we got out of the water. Guest appearance by Nigel after the swim to offer support.
Fortunately we were allowed to keep our bikes in splashworld so after a not so quick transition we hit the road in drips and drabs. What can I say about the cycle windy, it never felt you were being helped by it but dry. Down the road 45km or more then back. Nice to be on the TT thinking of racing but minding yourself due to the distance. I have been trying to eat naturally on spins but I don’t think Christmas pudding is the best food on the bike. I must check my watch but about 2:35 time wise.
Back to Tramore and since it was a friendly we waited up for a bit of a run group some doing laps of the prom and some running into the Halfway House and back. Didn’t bother running to town but we covered just about 11km at a good pace.
The friendly half is designed to introduce people to the distance or just the time. We will hopefully be holding another in July keep you updated. Good to have the most of the block covered.
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Re: The friendly half, training day

Postby Metal Basher » Tue Jun 10, 2014 10:26 am

Great days training Emmet, thanks for the efforts in organising same. Pity there were not a few more 'sbods to enjoy the day, maybe next time? Its been a while for me so I'd completely forgotten the pain in the legs when running off a longer bike!!!!
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