new club gear & prices

new club gear & prices

Postby tombrown » Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:33 pm

I was just wondering if it would be possible to put up an image of all the different gear that is available, because when you look at some of the gear on the website it just has a name and price, but not actually sure if that is the one you want to buy or what it looks like?
not sure how easy or what it would take to do that, maybe someone who design the web site might have some easy way around this, it would make it much easier to see the difference between tri top, short sleeve cycle top, grid fleece, etc and are the prices still the same as on the web site it says 2012, i could not get to the last evening when you had all the new gear,due to work but i would like to see the new gear pictures if possible on the web site :?:
if i want to order some of the gear who can i contact?

thank you
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Re: new club gear & prices

Postby Slatts » Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:44 am

Hi Tom,

I do the website and trust me when I say its too much work (if someone else wants to volunteer I will gladly give them the login details though!!)

We buy the gear in batches from a company called endura. Here's a link to their website with the gear available which will give you an idea of what available: ... b%2011.pdf

Don't mind the prices on it, we subsidise the costs by about 35% through a combination of bulk buying and the club putting some of the money we raise from the races towards it. The prices on our website are still the same.

We are having a 2nd gear day / evening in the next few weeks to give members who missed out on the last one a chance to get their stuff. Helen looks after the orders for the gear so if you have any questions just give her a buzz. When the club was much smaller people used to just call up to Helen and Shanes house to order and collect gear, now that there's about 120 members that's not practical (if it ever was), hence we have had these open evenings the last few years.

All the best

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