Sunday Spins

Sunday Spins

Postby Spins » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:26 am

What's the story?
Been out at TOP garage three of the last four Sundays and there's hardly anyone there.
Last week there was 5 of us, yesterday there was only 3. Four weeks ago when we showed up there was NO ONE!!!
In fact on our way out to TOP garage yesterday, we spotted five lads coming down the Folly, two of them in full club regalia but they turned off for Tramore at the roundabout. Didn't recognise the lads but did they even know there was a 9.30 cycle from Top garage?
I know there's a load doing their Ironman cycles on the Saturday and fair enough but where's everyone else gone????
We need to get the word out and get the Sunday cycles back up and running, maybe something we can discuss at the AGM.
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Re: Sunday Spins

Postby Slatts » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:44 pm

I'll stick it on the agenda for the AGM no problem.

Helen has texted everyone about them, they're on the training schedule on the website and there's been a few mentions on Facebook though so unless people are going to volunteer to take groups or something I really don't know what else we can do.

Ironman training is in full swing now so there's about 12 or so that are gone straight away

I await your proposal :D
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Sunday 3rd March

Postby Spins » Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:12 pm

A decent group of around 15 or so showed up this morning resplendent in club gear. We all left TOP garage about 9.40 and headed out the Cork Road. The beginners group of 4 turned off at Orchardstown Cross and came home via Waterford. The bunch continued out the Cork Road and most turned left at the Bonmahon turn off and cam home the coast road via Tramore. Three of the lads carried on straight out as far as Lemybrien and came back the same way. Nice to see so many out. Hopefully that's the start of more regular groups now. Keep it up lads. Check in on the Forum on a Saturday if you know you're going on the Sunday and leave a quick message so people know whether to wait around for a few minutes at the TOP garage if necessary or to discuss possible routes, weather etc.
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Re: Sunday Spins

Postby hazer » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:22 pm

Really enjoyed the coastal cycle today, never actually been on that road before. good turnout aswell.
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Re: Sunday Spins

Postby Helly » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:40 am

As Gavin has already planned his headache and duvet day after celebrating his 40th birthday next weekend, I hope to be at the Top garage next Sunday morning to do the beginners group cycle. As I have not done much cycling in the past year (apart from Ballyhoura last weekend :D ) the pace will be handy. Hope a few others will come along...(Helen)
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Re: Sunday Spins

Postby Helly » Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:25 pm

Well, what a horrible wet, cold & windy day today but it did not put off 13 hardy cyclists from meeting at the top garge. After discussing the options, 7 cyclists decided to do the longer spin, lead by Stefan, they headed off with mentions of a 90k cycle with Templeorum and Church hill in the mix. I think some of the group were going to double back home after about 30k to give them a 60k spin.

The shorter, slower group headed by Helen included Olive O'Brien, Michael Carroll, Rachel O'Sullivan, Paul Murphy and Zigs Green. We dedided to do the Orchardstown to Tramore route with the option of doing more at the end if anyone wanted.

We flew out to Orchardstown not realising just how much the wind was behind us until we turned towards Tramore. It got very cold along that road and as Zigs was struggling a bit on her mountain bike, Helen stayed behind with her and the others carried on in order to stay warm (especially Paul who had only worn shorts!). Michael and Olive turned back to meet up with them as they neared Waterford and as Zigs carried on home, Helen, Michael & Olive decided to cycle back out to Tramore and back to add on a bit.
We were just starting to warm up a bit when disaster struck! I got a puncture just near the half way house on the way back home. Olive Costello passed in her car as I was pumping up the tyre (thinking it was just a slow puncture) so I refused the offer of a lift home. I had only gone on about 400m when it went flat again so after refusing to let Olive O'B or Michael change it for me (as I am hopeless at that kind of thing :) ) I rang Shane to come collect me! Thanks to the 2 lads for waiting with me (all of us freezing cold and wet) until he came.
A nice way to blow off the cobwebs today.

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Re: Sunday Spins

Postby Rachel » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:49 pm

Thanks so much Helen for taking us out today and to Olive who made the cycle a bit easier by chatting. The roundabout at Tramore up to Tescos and down home was tough, I will never forget the wind & rain. Hopefully next weeks weather will be a bit better. Its a super idea doing the beginners/short route. Despite the weather I enjoyed it.
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Re: Sunday Spins

Postby JBrown » Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:50 pm

Thanks lads for the cycle this morning. What a miserable day it was, but we got through it :x Thanks Noel for the company on the way home. Hopefully next week the weather will be better. See ya then :D
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Re: Sunday Spins

Postby BobC » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:42 pm

Olive......Chatting.......are you sure? Does not sound like our Olive :lol: :lol:
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Re: Sunday Spins

Postby Spins » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:33 pm

A nice crew of about 16 or so showed up at the TOP Garage this morning.
Helen took the beginner group on a spin and will post her own notes later.
The rest of us headed off with 50-70km in mind.
Me and Seamie were out on the road at 8.45am (the little fella is getting me up earlier and earlier these days) and got in 20km around town before we met up with the others.
Out on the longer spin were the two of us, Darryl, John, Louis, James, Elias and Kieran.
It was a lovely morning for a cycle, blue sky, not much wind and very mild.
We headed up to Fiddown, across to Piltown and up Templeorum as far as Templeorum village where we regrouped after the group broke up on the climb.
Kieran, who's off on a nine day training camp in Spain next week, and Elias carried on up the rest of Templeorum as they were keen to do at least 80km.
The rest of us turned right over a very 'lumpy' road to Mullinavat. James who was out celebrating his 32nd Bday the night before and was expecting a very handy ride was put through his paces on the Kilkenny hills, but no bother to him, hangover n all.
Some lovely scenery on the way over to Mullinavat and a few of the lads had never been over that road before.
When we got back to Waterford, we cycled down the barricaded off Quays and checked to see if Jordans was open for a cheeky glass of Paddys Day Guinness but it wasn't so on we went. Me and Seamie doubled back for a pint outside the Tower instead but forgot it was Sunday so no drink was being served until 12, so we gave up on the idea and headed home.
Great spin, good banter, Distance 50-75km, Avg speed c. 25kph.
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