run on tuesday with james O sullivan

run on tuesday with james O sullivan

Postby tombrown » Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:38 pm

Hi All,
according to the training calender there was going to be an hour running training etc, with james o Sullivan. i went there tonight (Tuesday 18/03/14 @ 6.30) only to discover that there was nobody else there??
any one say if it was cancelled, i have not heard or seen any word on our web site. :?:
i am fairly sure i was at the right place, will some one please let us know, i wont be able to make it next week as i will be working evenings but if it is going to be a regular i should be able to make 2 out of 3.
also i went cycling with Catherine on Sunday morning, we meet at the top garage and since we saw no one else there we went off ourselves, so we went to dungaravan and back in approx 3hrs 45 minutes, 50 miles total, that will put some of you to shame?? :D

thank you
Thomas brown
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Re: run on tuesday with james O sullivan

Postby Slatts » Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:07 pm

Hey Thomas

There was no change to that run as far as I know. Ian from Carrick invited us to join them for it, here's his message from facebook (I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it!):

Hi Brian, was speaking to Elaine Mullan about her training meeting on Monday - one Action was about a mid-week running session - i do the Tuesday 6pm run session with James O'Sullivan organised by the Carrick club - your Waterford club members would be very welcome - it is form/speed intervals and drills that we do, suitable for all levels - most nights there are about 5 of us there, evenly split between male/female and fast/slow - we'll be on the ringroad till the clocks go forward, then moving around a bit to keep it fresh - the first session is free to see if you like it, then it would be €3 a head, pay as you go. Let me know if you want any more details/info.
Ian McHardy

We have tried putting on our own run sessions over the years but they always fell away due to lack of numbers, reasons mainly being its too easy to just pull on the runners and run yourself and also that groups and pairs tend to form once folks are in the club a while. (also a lot of members are also members of waterford AC and go to their track session) That's why I had no hesitation in putting Ians suggestion up.

We had a request of making the first cycle of every month more beginner friendly, which we will. That said if ye can do 50 miles you won't have any bother coming on the normal saturday cycles, so come along! We're all different levels anyway and there's always someone faster than you no matter how fast you are (apart from Oggie of course ;) )

good to see a bit of activity on the forum... lets keep it going!
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Re: run on tuesday with james O sullivan

Postby tombrown » Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:19 pm

Hi Brian,
thank for that info, i wont be able to get there till Tuesday 01/04/14 as i have to work evenings. :x
i should be OK for the following Tuesday 2 weeks. will there be cycling still happening on Sunday morning? as i cant make Saturday as i usually have to work most Saturdays or if i am off the kids have to get to there activities which last all day.

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